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Elevate your auditory experience to new heights with the seamless integration of a whole home audio system. No matter if you’re playing relaxing background music through the whole house or having a family dance party in the family room, the installation of a whole-home audio system makes it simple to get high-quality sound exactly where you want it.

Imagine effortlessly streaming your favorite playlists throughout every corner of your residence, enveloping each room with rich, crystal-clear sound. With just a single device at your command, you wield the power to tailor your audio environment to suit any occasion or mood. From soothing melodies in the bedroom to upbeat tunes in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless.
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Gone are the days of cumbersome speaker setups and tangled wires. With expert whole home audio installation, you can enjoy a clutter-free environment while immersing yourself in a symphony of sound that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle. Whether you're entertaining guests or simply unwinding after a long day, the transformative capabilities of a whole home audio system ensure that every moment is enhanced by the perfect soundtrack.

Discover the freedom to control your audio experience with precision and ease. Embrace the future of home entertainment with a whole home audio system that brings your favorite music to life throughout every inch of your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up whole home audio?
Our team handles the full installation including wiring, positioning speakers, integrating components, programming control systems, and calibrating for optimal sound quality in each room.

How many speakers do I need?
This depends on the size of your home. We generally recommend at least 2 speakers per room. Larger rooms may benefit from 4+ speakers and/or a subwoofer for smooth, even coverage and full sound at appropriate listening levels. Our consultants will design the ideal layout tailored to your space.

What about running wires? Do they need to be hidden?
We conceal wiring for a clean, seamless look. Wires can be routed through walls/ceilings or tucked away along trim. Wireless speakers are also available for easier installation.

Can I play different music in different rooms?
Yes, with a home multi-zone audio system you can play unique playlists in each room or group of rooms independently.

How do you address room acoustics?
Our acoustic analysis identifies any audio reflections or problem frequencies. We'll recommend acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers strategically placed to optimize sound quality.

Do I need to buy any special components?
Our installers will supply and program all necessary components like amplifiers, audio sources, and touchscreens tailored to your specific setup. We handle everything turnkey.

Can I integrate this with my home theater?
Absolutely. We can design your system to allow whole home audio and home theater use. With just a touch, you can easily switch between music and movie modes.
  • We have used Brian for several projects over the past 8 years. He is very responsive when things are not working and has stood by his work on several occasions, fixing/repairing and making things work again. If you want something done right, at a fair price, and with the utmost integrity, Encore Sight and Sound is a GREAT option.
    - Christy Fagerlin
  • Encore Sight and Sound has brought the dream of a home theater to reality for us. They were patient with us, fairly priced, and always available to answer questions. We are thankful to have found them and look forward to future projects
    - Derek Ellis
  • Brian and his crew have been amazing to work with. We have amazing automated lighting choices for the interior and exterior, automatic announcements when people come up our driveway, easy thermostat control, automated shades, integrated audiovisual in all rooms of our home..... the list goes on and on!
    - Vivian Greni
  • Encore Sight and Sound were so helpful in meeting our home theatre needs. They were professional, knowledgeable, and were able to quickly diagnose and repair our existing home theatre system. I highly recommend Encore to anyone looking for home theatre installation or repair. Great guys!
    - Colleen Weismann
  • I called Brian who came out the next day and drew up a custom plan to meet our needs in a cost-effective manner. The installation was professionally done on time with great customer service. We were completely satisfied. If you want a knowledgeable professional and great customer service, I recommend you contact Brian P at Encore Sight and Sound.
    - Ralph Dillon

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