January 22, 2010

Home Theater Fort Collins Room Design

Home Theater Fort Collins. Our clients often desire to create a surround sound experience in their living room or great room.  Most of the time, this is not possible.  The living room is designed with purposes other than surround sound in mind, and these purposes are at odds with creating a movie theater like experience.

Our best advice would be to setup a good stereo experience in the living room.  In order to create movie theater audio in a room, there are design requirements which cannot be ignored.  If you ignore these requirements, you will not succeed.

We recommend that you choose a room where speakers can be placed in the correct locations, and the chairs in the correct relationship to the speakers and video display.  The room does not need to be dedicated to use as a theater room, but proper design considerations must be taken into account.  We would be happy to come help you think about your home, and what you can do there.  Give us a call.

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