July 16, 2019

Filter, Favorite, and Customize with Control4’s New OS 3

Have you heard the news of Control4’s new update? The home automation system recently revealed its all-new OS 3, a sleek new interface that can connect more than 13,500 third-party devices to your smart system. You can use OS 3 on your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen control panel to connect all of your home’s devices from one place. If you’re already a Control4 household or if you’re new to home automation, we’d like to highlight helpful ways to use OS 3 to its fullest and boost your lifestyle.

Continue reading to discover how a new Control4 system in your Fort Collins, CO home can save time and add more fun to daily life.

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Filter Devices  

To more efficiently manage your home’s motorized shades, lights, audio, security, and more, be sure to use OS 3’s new Filter feature. With it, you can sort through locks, sensors, window shades, and lights to swiftly find the device you’re looking for without scrolling through a long list. Try filtering by room or sort through active and inactive devices. By tapping ‘All,’ you’ll view all similar devices at once. This is especially handy if you want to turn everything off at the same time, whether you’re leaving the house or going to sleep for the night. Or perhaps you’re throwing a party and want to connect every speaker to your playlist. In these cases, filtering will save you any time or confusion.

Tailor Your Home Screen

For fewer taps to reach what you’re looking for, keep the most important rooms and devices front and center on the home screen. Always turning on Spotify for the outdoor speakers? Their icons will be right there ready for you. When necessary, you can still find devices and scenes organized by category (such as Watch, Listen, and Comfort) by tapping the Control4 icon in the upper left corner. Plus, it will remember what you opened recently, so the device or scene will pop up first among your options.

Customize with Favorites and Wallpapers

OS 3 also allows us to favorite rooms, devices, and scenes, so we can bypass any icons we rarely use. To favorite a room on your tablet, phone, or touchscreen, tap the room name at the top of the screen. Then in the upper right corner, click the pen button and tap the heart next to each room. You’ll now be able to quickly swipe through favorites, creating a more intuitive interface.

In addition, OS 3 offers the option to add wallpapers to each room screen. You can set a picture of the room itself or the color of the room to visually remind yourself where you’re managing.  

Enjoy the New Active Media Bar

Control4’s new active media bar enables users to effortlessly see and control music and videos in one room or throughout the house. The media bar includes large album artwork, easy access to the Now Playing screen, a new volume adjustment slider, and the ability to mute, pause, skip, thumbs up or down with one quick tap. The new Sessions screen makes it simpler to see what’s playing in in each room and control them all.

To experience OS 3 in your own home, talk to Encore Sight and Sound about upgrading your system and download the OS 3 app today! Give us a call at (970) 217-7018 or fill out our online form today!

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