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Enhance your home theater with these innovative features

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“How much does a home theater room cost?” This is a common question we’ve heard over the years and there really isn’t one standard answer. In order to calculate the cost of your home theater, there are several factors you should consider.  A “true” home theater room Firstly, what is a home theater? We define […]

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perfect spot for home theater Find the Perfect Spot for Your Home Theater

In today's digital age, creating a home theater and audio setup can turn your living space into a hub of cinematic enjoyment. The sheer joy of watching your favorite movies, TV shows, or sports events from the comfort of your home is undeniable. However, crafting an outstanding home theater experience requires careful planning and consideration […]

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home network by design How to Improve Your Smart Home Network Security

Your smart home’s network is what every single one of your smart home solutions relies on to function properly. So, if it’s running incorrectly, or worse – if it isn’t secure – then your smart home’s whole foundation is rocky.

This is why a quality home network design is a must for your Rapid City, SD property. When you have a strong and protected network, you can rest assured that your technologies will all communicate effectively and that your personal data is never in danger.

Want to find out more? Just keep reading below.

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ENSISO Home Theatre The Right AV Receiver for You: Sony vs. Denon

Sound is an essential component in making a movie come to life for every viewer in the room. When your sound isn’t up to par or isn’t reaching everyone evenly – you’ll risk ruining an entire movie night!

So, when you bring a dedicated cinema to your Greeley, CO home, you want to ensure that its surround sound capabilities are far superior to your average entertainment setup. To achieve this high-end audio performance, you’ll need a top-notch AV receiver for your home theater installation – but which brand should you choose: Sony or Denon?

In this blog, we’ll provide details on both of their top tier products so you can see for yourself. Find out more by reading on below!

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HomeTheater Company Fort Collins CO Home Theater Company Lists 3 Exciting Upgrades for 2020

Elevating your home entertainment can take your regular movie nights and transform them into immersive, nights-to-remember – every time. That’s why as we step into 2020, we made a list of the new, innovative smart AV solutions you can bring to your cinema or media room this upcoming year.

As the premier home theater company in Fort Collins, CO, you can rely on our expertise and recommendations, and know you’re getting the best of the best. Below, we dive into the top awards from the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), so you can decide which screens and audio equipment are the right fit for your entertainment space.

Keep reading on to find out more!

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home smarter with innovative Make Your Home Smarter with Innovative Technology and Features

You might feel as though a “smart home” is a concept reserved for the future – something you as a homeowner don’t need. But there’s nothing farther from the truth. The future is now, and smart home automation is enhancing and adding value to homeowners’ lives every day.

But do you know how you can make your Rapid City, CO home “smarter?” Smart home technology can elevate every part of your day and every aspect of your lifestyle – in this blog, we’ll cover what its many benefits are and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

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Control4 System Filter, Favorite, and Customize with Control4’s New OS 3

Have you heard the news of Control4’s new update? The home automation system recently revealed its all-new OS 3, a sleek new interface that can connect more than 13,500 third-party devices to your smart system. You can use OS 3 on your smartphone, tablet, or touch screen control panel to connect all of your home’s devices from one place. If you’re already a Control4 household or if you’re new to home automation, we’d like to highlight helpful ways to use OS 3 to its fullest and boost your lifestyle. Continue reading to discover how a new Control4 system in your Fort Collins, CO home can save time and add more fun to daily life.

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Whole Home Audio The Benefits of a Dedicated Listening Room for The Audiophile in All of Us

If the free earbuds that come with your iPhone don’t cut it for you; if you still buy vinyl; if you only use high-quality cables for your speakers—you may be an audiophile. Even if your music habits are more casual, all music lovers should have a place in their home where tunes can be experienced […]

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ENSISO JAN Here Are 3 Ways You Can Have a Dynamic Home Theater Design

When you think of a home theater, what does it mean to you? For many of us, it means a space within your own residence from which you can replicate – if not exceed – a commercial cinema movie-watching experience. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. In fact, home theaters are the perfect […]

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audio video distribution 3 Reasons to Connect Your Media with Audio Video Distribution

A home’s entertainment setup used to get everyone piling up in the family room, trying to catch a peek of the TV or craning to hear the stereo.  Times have certainly changed; now you can stream films, TV shows, and music everywhere in the house.  Enjoy a movie in your home theater with your family, […]

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