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Life can get busy. Wouldn’t it be nice to step into your own personal oasis to relax and enjoy amazing movies, shows, and music? It’s possible with the help of Encore Sight and Sound—your home theater installation and design company.

No matter your style or the size or layout of your space, we’ll create a custom home entertainment space you’ll never want to leave. Say goodbye to long lines and high ticket prices at the theater. With your own personal home theater and entertainment area, you can relax and enjoy fantastic entertainment any time you want.  


When you invest in a home theater, you want to know that it’s done right. We don’t skimp on quality. Our skilled team of home entertainment designers and installers have years of experience working with all kinds of technology and know what it takes to create a cutting-edge home theater that delivers a crystal-clear picture and amazing surround sound. 

During the home entertainment design process, we’ll work with your budget to find the highest-quality home theater components and provide an experience that rivals the best theaters—all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  

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Have everything you need for your home in the palm of your hands—from security systems to lighting, appliances, and entertainment. Smart home technology automates your home and makes it easy to change with the touch of a button. 
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